Apart from its own shows the Velma collective has also combined its musical research with other artists working in various fields. Here are some examples of such collaborations:
In 2005, Founder and Artistic Director of DV8 Physical Theatre, Lloyd Newson directs ...
... a show about showing and showing off in a world where looking good has become more essential than being good; where faking it has become synonymous with making it, where beautiful lies hide grubby truths.
<i will not K.Y.S.S. anymore>: i will not keep your secrets secret anymore...
Following "ADN/ARN" and "Secrets for Sale", "i will not K.Y.S.S. anymore" is the thrid part of Elodie Pong's acclaimed work about secrets. K.Y.S.S. premiered in Arsenic on July 2nd, 2003.
"On dirait le Sud" ("Back for more", english title) is Vincent Pluss first long feature movie. Shot in South of France with limited means, it shows the desparate attempts of a separated man to reconquer his kids and former wife's hearts.
"On dirait le Sud" was premiered in Locarno International Film Festival on August 8th, 2002.

"On dirait le Sud" was awarded the 2003 Swiss Film for best long feature film.
"ADN / ARN" stands for "Any Deal Now / Any Reality Now", and is an interactive installation created by Swiss artist Elodie Pong. Velma composed the music and jingles for the different rooms, which people visit one person at a time, eventually facing a deal - the selling of an intimate secret.
These numerous visits were all videotaped, and some of the footage was edited into a movie - "Secrets for Sale".
"ADN / ARN" was premiered at the Arsenic, during Les Urbaines Festival on December 7th, 2001
"ADN/ARN" won the 2002 RE:WIND prize awarded by Migros Gegenwartsmuseum.
Velma was invited in early 2002 to collaborate - along fellow artists Philippe Decrauzat, Barbara Bunker and Christian Robert-Tissot - with [artefakt], a architecture collective based in Lausanne (CH). These different interventions followed in time in the same space, the CAN (Centre d'Art de Neuchâtel-CH), guided by the [artefakt] collective around the idea of VOID.
Velma composed a 16-channel track which redefined the space by the sole use of sound.
This exhibition on February 9th, 2002 in CAN, Neuchâtel (CH)
Art Tapas was a project initiated by the Théâtre de l'Usine in Geneva, aiming to propose a night of short performances for very limited audiences. On a restaurant mode, these interventions where to be ordered from a menu by the spectators and would be served at the table by the programmed artists.

Velma presented two pieces. The "starter" was a live broadcast of music and MCing to individual walkie-talkies, while the "main course" was a generous but potentially disappointing delivery of music.
Internationally acclaimed Spanish artist La Ribot chose Velma's "55'921" song to combine with "Zurratada", a part in "Still Distinguished", her third series of "piezas distinguidas".
"Still Distinguished was premiered on June 9th, 2000 in Arteleku, Mungatxoan festival, San Sebastian (E)
photo: "Zurratada" (distinguished proprietor Arteleku, San Sebastian), photo by Mario Del Curto

Velma recorded the soundtrack of "ely & nepomuk", an animation movie by Rafael Sommerhalder. Ely and his cat Nepomuk are happy. They catch raindrops in the mouth, dance with butterflies and fall in love with a flower. But one day three grey men appear....
This collaboration was awarded the 2001 SSA / Swissimage Price for "Best Animation Movie".
The collective created musical arrangements for the dance show "Natal"
for the choreographer Fabienne Berger and performed them on stage during
its representations in January 2001.
The soundtrack of this performance is available on MNarsitik Records.
Velma composed the music of "Finale", a stage performance of the Robert Pacitti Company (London).
Abstracting the 1867 Emile Zola text "Thérèse Raquin", "Finale" dispenses with narrative structure and character, played out against the hypnotic repetitions of Velma's minimalist soundwork.
"Finale" premiered in London on May 3rd, 2001, and toured in the UK, Germany, France and Switzerland.
The soundtrack of this performance is available on MNarsitik Records.
Velma composed music for a fifty persons choir for "La Supplication", a pharaonic play by Lausanne director Denis Maillefer. Based on Svetlana Alexiévitch book "Tchernobyl prayers", this spectacle gives the word to the men and women interviewed by the Bielorussian journalist after the nuclear meltdown.
"La Supplication" was premiered in ACMV/Vevey, CH on June 6th, 2001