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"Semiotic finesse"? Yes. "conceptual dance"? Yes. But this infernal laughter, this insolent easiness let suspect the seriousness of such a joke: there is probably no place for this sensational quintet in the neat and tedious landscape of the German dance.
Arnd Wesemann, BALLETTANZ (D), December, 2002

Or how, from its genesis to its intolerable saturation, the society of spectacle applies to chew in all approved ways the same cultural object.
Nicolas Julliard, LE TEMPS (CH), September 18th, 2002

To make simple: Rondo is Raymond Queneau's Exercises in Style, postrock version. [ Velma reenacts ] the great hullabaloo of pop music with humour and shift [...]. The best and the worst of the live, thus trapped, seduce the spectator who, amused in the center of this twisted and serious mechanics [...], claps in the hands in rhythm as the basic groupie reappears with the exaggerated enthusiasm of the fan. Lighters, please!
Xavier Alonso, 24HEURES (CH), September 14th, 2002

At the crossing of the artistic fields, the impetuous Lausanne trio Velma presents Rondo, its new hilarious and worrying musical performance. Following after Cyclique2, Rondo pursues the relentless examination of the gestures and attitudes of a repetitive daylife. [...] Between video-projections and absurd choreographic exercises, one finds the same anguish which arises, from the tyranny of the childhood's gym classes to the representation of the pop live show.
Luc Meier, LE COURRIER (CH), September 4th, 2002